Sharon Hicks Therapeutics


Zero Balancing & Occupational Therapy

“In the Zero Balancing session I experienced you as connected, effective, and tuned in. Your touch and technique were effective for releasing my tension and bringing me more fully into the moment. This was not surprising since I experienced your emotional generosity, caring and technical competence as an OT patient, when you were teaching me how to recover some cognitive function after an auto accident. It makes a big difference to be working with a dedicated healer not just a practitioner. I also like the innovative ways that you are engaging kids in OT.” —Meyer Rohtbart, M.D. 

 Natural Vision – Mother and child

“We have been doing the exercises and I can notice that Kylie is not rubbing her eyes as much and seems to be reading easier. I have noticed that my dominant eye is not taking over the vision anymore and I can see more clearly without forcing my eyes to focus!!! I’m really happy!!!”  —Claudia (after only one training session)

Adult Sensory-based Occupational Therapy

“Sharon offered me the cutting edge treatment options I needed. She supplied the missing treatment pieces that eluded all of my doctors in the 10 years it took to discover a long list of undiagnosed medical conditions that I have lived with and compensated for, for over six decades. Her professional demeanor is steady, accepting, responsible; she creates a comfortable atmosphere wherein trust has been built – facilitating a most productive and effective therapeutic experience.” —IE

Zero Balancing

“The Zero Balancing® was gentle and relaxing. I didn’t want it to end. Afterwards my body seemed to flow and I had energy to continue my day.”  —BD

“Your hands feel so secure, so loving, it’s amazing – like a mother holding a baby or child, a sweet, nurturing, positive feeling. I feel human again; more relaxed, more integrated, more centered.”  —JF

Natural Vision & Art Explorations

“When I work with Sharon and I am painting, I have no stress or anxiety – a new experience for me. This is helping me change my view of how I ‘see’ the world.” —RW

Meditate & Create – Personal Vision™ Workshop

“I found the workshop to be powerful and inspiring. Sharon’s teaching style allowed for a safe, open and very non-judgmental creative environment. I think the response from the group was amazing. Both experienced and completely new artists found themselves exploring new territory both internally and in the ways they create their art.” —Rachel Ninshin McCormick, Zen Society

Natural Vision for Children

“My daughter Sydney’s eyesight was getting worse every year. A few short months after we started working with Sharon, Sydney was able to get a new prescription which was an improvement on the previous year. Sharon is incredibly caring, patient and kind. She gives my daughter the best one-on-one care!” —Carla Brien

“Loren is now using her eyes like they were designed to be used. Loren no longer needs her glasses and her eye no longer turns in. Your skillful attention and care facilitated her natural ability. And we are both very grateful to you.” —Sandy Mayer & Loren Mayer McCarthy

yellow-weaveNatural Vision & Color Light

“You revolutionized my life by caring about my inner world. When I said my eye pressure was high you asked if there was pressure in my life? You really let my inner being speak freely. As a result I was able to unload. I was able to reduce my eye pressure to normal and get my nervous system balanced. You gave me courage. You gave me individual tailored attention. You were patient with me. You really took your cues from me. You became the most profound support system in my life. Thank you.” —LS

“After having a serious car accident I had great difficulty parking my car. It would end up on the sidewalk or way out in the street. I felt more comfortable driving in the left lane so that I wouldn’t be surprised by cars coming up on my left unexpectedly. The doctors said that the problems were with my visual cortex which got damaged during the accident. After working with Sharon Hicks, with colored light and natural vision practices, my parking is once again a breeze.” —Myra Reichel, Reiki Healing Center