Sharon Hicks Therapeutics

Holistic Specialized Wellness Care

My vision and health services are based on a concept of “holistic harmony.” 

Both vision and health depend on balance, mind-body-spirit and life harmony.

The food we eat, how we handle stress, our exercise and sleep patterns, environment, relationships, occupations, emotions, thoughts and beliefs are all factors inseparable from our vision and health. 

I am here to help you address these factors, develop new skills and habits, as you cultivate balance, and the ability to see anew. Allow me to support your creation of holistic harmony, a discovery process which ebbs and flows. 

Sharon Hicks, MS OTR/L, CYT, CINHC

Optimize your vision and health with Sharon Hicks.

Sharon draws on a multi-specialty depth of expertise and her own healing experiences to provide individualized holistic vision and health services. Her collaborative experiential approach empowers you to:

  • Relax and release stress
  • Expand and clarify vision
  • Make healthy nutrition and lifestyle changes
  • Move with increased comfort and ease
  • Maximize vitality and life satisfaction

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