Sharon Hicks Therapeutics

Healthy Living is an Art. 

Consider the possibility of living life as art…

“To live life as art is to live life from the heart. It is to honor our true self as well as our humanity, to creatively respond and adapt to life’s challenges, and to fully experience our aliveness. Living life as art is cultivating an open curiosity and the ability to see anew, engaging in the creation of holistic harmony, a process which ebbs and flows.”

Sharon Hicks

While the artist creates balance and harmony, the scientist observes truths. What’s true for you? Learn to look beneath your symptoms and listen to your body to make the changes that are right for you.

Sharon Hicks draws on a multi-specialty depth of expertise to guide participants as they take steps toward reaching their own meaningful goals. Her creative collaborative approach empowers participants to:

  • Relax and release stress
  • Expand and clarify visual perception
  • Make healthy nutrition and lifestyle changes
  • Move with increased ease
  • Maximize creativity and life satisfaction

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