Sharon Hicks Therapeutics

Healthy Living is an Art. 

“The hallmark of art is creativity. Creativity is a basic impulse of life. It emerges from the need to explore possibilities, discover solutions, move forward and grow. Just as an artist integrates the components of his work into a harmonious whole, health requires creative integration of the various components of one’s self and one’s life, while meeting challenges with an open curiosity and the ability to see anew. Creating a satisfying balanced life promotes health. Health is holistic.”
– Sharon Hicks

Sharon Hicks is an occupational therapist and artist specializing in holistic vision, health and wellness coaching. Her creative collaborative approach empowers participants to take better care of themselves and find answers within themselves as they journey toward greater vision, health and life satisfaction. 

  • Relax and reduce stress levels
  • Expand and clarify visual perception
  • Make healthy nutrition and lifestyle changes
  • Move with increased ease and comfort
  • Maximize creativity and life satisfaction

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