Sharon Hicks Therapeutics

Sharon’s Story

“I began my career as a fine artist. ‘Learning to see’ the art in painting and the art in life while working and studying at the Barnes Foundation serendipitously led me to “teaching others to see” as a vision therapist and natural vision educator. I was attracted to yoga because it reminded me of dance, which is a form of art, and also because yoga is a philosophy or “way of seeing”. For many years I explored the interconnectedness of art, yoga and vision to each other and to life. All along all I’ve wanted is harmony. That yearning led me to explore the healing arts and also to recognize the therapeutic value of my painting practice. I realized that all meaningful activity is therapeutic – which led me to the work of occupational therapy.

After approximately two decades of work helping others, I suddenly became my own patient. In a period of five years, I experienced two bone fractures, daily nausea, gut issues and unintentional weight loss. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis, high cholesterol and gastritis. An allergic reaction to omeprazole coincided with my true desire to heal naturally. That desire led me to the Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching course. As I improved my awareness and nutrition, I lowered my cholesterol, gained strength, and my stomach felt better. A few years later, with increasing work demands, my food sensitivities and gut symptoms returned. At this point I was diagnosed with leaky gut, dysbiosis and high levels of systemic mycotoxins. Feeling worse each day, I knew I had to make a change. I had to reduce my stress level and bring my body and life into balance. I set an intention to put my health first. After a series of lifestyle changes, including a deep dive into my artwork, I feel healthy again.

I believe we all have gifts. Gifts arise from both our strengths and challenges. While my vision has always come naturally, my health has taught me to listen to my body, persevere, and trust the healing process of discovery.”