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“Art opens our eyes to new ways of seeing. What the creative arts and healing arts have in common is the capacity to expand us.”
—Sharon Hicks

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy promotes health, wellness, and participation in life through engagement in meaningful activity (occupation).  When participation in life is a challenge occupational therapists help people to learn skills, use tools, adapt, recover, or heal.

  • Art, yoga and vision based occupational therapy
  • Holistic healing collaborative approach
  • Stress reduction, self-care, and relaxation techniques
Natural Vision


Natural vision training helps people increase their focusing flexibility and use their eyes more naturally with greater ease. Sharon’s approach integrates the Bates method with relaxation, visual awareness, eye movement techniques, and color light therapy. She encourages participants to explore their eye-mind-body perceptions. 

  • Reversing Nearsightedness
  • Visual effects of stress and trauma
  • Visual motor Coordination
  • Visual Processing


Zero Balancing®

Developed by Dr. Fritz Smith, Zero Balancing® combines energy concepts from acupuncture with concepts of physical structure and movement from osteopathy to provide a hands on therapy system. Zero Balancing (ZB) utilizes informed skilled touch to release held tension in the tissues and bones of the body. ZB sessions are deeply relaxing, facilitate ease of movement, and enhance self-awareness. Those who would benefit from Zero Balancing® include people with physical pain and stress-related symptoms as well as those who strive to maintain optimal health.

Therapeutic Yoga

Sharon integrates her yoga experience with her expertise from occupational therapy. She uses her knowledge of specific conditions and ability to assess special needs in order to adapt practices and provide individualized yoga. 

  • Gentle and Restorative Yoga
  • Chair-Assisted Yoga
  • Meditation and Breath work
orange-green-arcartArt Explorations

Making art is a means by which we can engage our intuition, express our emotions, explore color, texture, and life. The process of art making is like meditation–it focuses the mind. Creating art can facilitate relaxation, self-exploration, healing, or the development of visual motor skills. Whether you have a specific challenge or just want to play with paint, the creative process facilitates the joy of discovery.

Color Light Therapies

These therapies are used to reduce the stress response and overall balance the autonomic nervous system which is interconnected with our sensory systems, vision, ability to self regulate and attend, and most importantly our ability to stay healthy. These therapies stimulate our inner resources and support the process of positive change.

  • Autonomic Balancing
  • Aculight Vision Enhancement
  • Colorpuncture®

Sharon may recommend or utilize specific essential oils as part of a holistic therapy program. She provides education and is available for consultation.

  • Many uses for body, mind and spirit.